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All star is the best place to expand your knowledge on driving and how to be safe on the roads. The instructors are very helpful and are always in a positive attitude. I'd also like to give a special shout out to AJ for being a great teacher.
Cinna Wainberg
This 4-day course has been amazing! I was really surprised by how fast and easy these 4 days past. I feel that I learned a lot even though the in class is only theoretical, but I believe the videos and all the examples really gave me a live view of the road. All the stories have really helped me understand the dangers of the road and why safety is so important. AJ your enthusiasm and stories have made this course a breeze.
Michelle Pozin
I loved malik, He was the nicest man and made driving school very enjoyable. David was very knowledgeable and helped me better understand the importance of safe driving.
Alyssa Gibney Guelph- Humber
I loved Malik's fun personality lightening up the mood in the class, making morning a lot easier. David was very friendly and knowledgeable while teaching the class.
Natasha Boyle - York U
I liked Malik's tips for going to get our G2. Very helpful. David gave good information that would help me be a safe driver.
Alessia C - Brock University
David, the instructor was insightful and entertaining using videos and real life scenarios to educate students on how realities and dangers of driving. He was very firm in his attempt to strike fear into the students to ensure them that deriving is a serious and skill heavy task. I learned a lot of tips on hand holding my future insurance and also about the clarity of rules (municipal & federal). In any case, my experience with All Star was great!
Fonda Tran – York University
St. Maxmimilian CHS
I have learnt a great deal about driving a vehicle safely. The teaching method is active and lively.
Keara Norman
St Maximillian Kolloe High School
David sand was an amazing teacher!
Kristina V (King City Secondry School)
Aj was the best in class teacher, Thanks to All Star
Fei, D .. Andrea lee, Darren mak,.. Robert Meyer,.. Trisha Kershaw, Katrina Boutros,.. Melissa Ciotola
Great class. Engaging & fun. Never bored. Informative. Good learning tools like dvd’s diagrams and PowerPoint’s.
Daya - University of Western
The class was fun, yet just as informative. I really liked the class activities.
Daniel Ura - University of Western
The teachers are phenomenal! Hilarious and connects with the students! Naveed is the best!
Kevin Luk
I like this class, the teachers great! Everyone was so nice! I learnt a lot about traffic laws, I now feel as if I can pass my G2! Thanks!
Alice Zhoo Westmount
I felt the testing was fair, teaching was organized, and that I will leave this class as a responsible safe, and careful driver.
Ava Rahbari - Earl Haig S.S
I thought that the in class course was very informative, and interesting
Nir Alter
The course was informative and interesting coming into the class knowing almost nothing about driving I felt that the course covered a lot of basic knowledge without skimping on details. I’m grateful for AJ’s humorous but genuine approach.
Silken Chen
This class was very interesting and especially fun. I really learned a lot of stuff that will honestly help me in the future. AJ was hilarious and a great teacher. Everything was well organized and the class was great. The slide show and short videos really helped with learning and remembering details. I’m glad that AJ also gave us good advice on our lessons and also made the class enjoyable by telling us stories overall, great class and great 4 days here at All Star Driving School.
Jennifer Payne
I found that this class exceeded my expectations for driving school. It was extremely entertaining and the stories that the instructor told added a personal touch to the lessons, I learned many new aspects of driving as well as picking up on tips that will be very helpful to me once I begin driving. These 4 days were excellent and very well taught; it was an amazing experience for me.
Yasmin Masoudi
This 4-day course has been very fun. I’ve learnt a lot about driving that I didn’t know before; AJ’s stories and life experiences really helped me understand the consequences that could result due to unsafe driving. AJ is a very entertaining and funny guy; his humour has made this course a pleasant learning experience for me.
Zide Tarzi
I thought that the class was great and AJ was really entertaining, I enjoyed listening to all his stories. I felt that I learnt a lot and this was a fun and informative class.
Tanya Tang
I feel like the past four days have been really fun and helpful for my driving experience. I cannot wait to get on the road with my instructor after these past days. AJ is very educational and fun at the same time. I would recommend this course a ton.
Arthel D
I thought this course was very well done. AJ was very funny and kept the class very interesting with his stories. I will definitely recommend this place to my friends and recommend AJ.
Katia Piccoli
The past 4 days I have learnt a lot of new and useful techniques to be a better driver. AJ was a great instructor and teacher. He made it easy to understand the course and related many of the topics to real life issues. He was very professional and I would recommend him as an instructor. Overall the course was a good learning experience.
Julian Novachetzki
This class was very entertaining; because of the way it was taught. I have learned a lot in these 4 days, and I am very grateful for this course and everything it has taught me. Although at times it felt a bit repetitive it benefited me in a huge way by getting the rights and wrongs of the road stuck in my head.
Brian Napier
I would recommend this course to others because its enjoyable and you learn a lot! I liked how supportive the instructor was and how fun he made the class. David always answers every question!
Mackenzie McIntosh- St.Andrews College
I would recommend this course because it is useful in preparing us to drive and I also had fun while learning important information. I liked the activities and dvd’s and also the instructor was very friendly and helpful.
Erin Tackaberry- Aurora High School
I recommend this course because it’s the only way to see and know how easy mistakes can happen and how to avoid them. The instructor was also very friendly.
Salwa Mohammed
The class was great!
Daniel Skrypuon- St. Elizabeth Catholic High School
My instructor, Peter, was great he was very nice & patient.
Emily – Thornlea Secondary
I had tons of fun at my All Star in-class driving sessions. Mac was extremely funny and his stories helped me understand the dangers and realities of driving. My in car driving experience has also been good.
Rita Nikitin
My experience in this class has been surprisingly amusing, but also extremely informative! I learned a lot, and was never as boring as I thought it would be! My driving instructor (Mac) has been nothing but helpful.
Alexia Yang
I learned a lot from Mac he was really funny and enjoyable. The in car is comfortable and I am confident, Faisel is an excellent instructor.
Josh Davis- Vaughn S.S
Good experience, good instructor.
Jeff Small- Brock University
Class was very interesting. We learned valuable information. The videos we watched were defiantly eye opening, making me aware of the many different accidents.
Felicia Romano- University of Toronto
The in class was fun and entertaining, learning about driving was motivating. Mac was a good guy and a beauty.
Brandon McMartin
Instructor has been good and classes have been very informative. Mac has been a great teacher all of the information was useful.
Daniella Fruchto
In class was very informative and helpful. I am thank you for your services. Mac was extremely knowledgeable.
Jessica Luke
I thought it was a good class. I learned stuff I didn’t know and could have failed my G2 without knowing. AJ was a great teacher and kept us entertained.
Oliver Jones
I learned a lot; the class was very informative, entertaining and not boring
Kristy MacPherson
After the 4 day course, I have learned a lot regarding the types of parking, turns, signals as well as drinking and driving. This is a highly professional school that I would recommend to my friends and relatives.
John Marson Monsod
The class was both informative and entertaining. I’d highly recommend it to anyone looking to learn more and I personally feel more prepared for the driving portion of the course.
Paige Jones
I really enjoyed the class. I learned many new things, and little details. Our teacher, AJ, was very informative. I highly recommend this class to anyone.
Bogdan Opinca
Emergency Manoeuvre

Emergency Maneuver

Here at All Star Driving School we like to insure that our students get the best in quality during their on the road training sessions. To ensure their safety on the road we offer an emergency maneuver package to go along with the basic 10 hours that is offered with the standard course.

Make over the missed class

 As a policy of MTO it is advised that a student should finish the program within a one year period or else the MTO will not be able to certify you, we follow this policy. We offer a variety of schedules to fit all needs of the student, if you ever miss a class you may make it up on any day give us a call and we can address the proper class to come in to make up. We are flexible to suit your needs for the classroom portion: Classes offered year round in condensed 4


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